Data API

Understand your audience to optimize your strategy.


Through engaging and popular mechanics, we encourage users to participate, take action and select their preferences. This way, we help you build data profiles to better understand and connect with how your customers think and feel about your products and ideas.

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At A Game


In The City


We find and productize the most popular digital mechanics that entice your audiences to participate with your content. Transform your content into Plyfe Cards and help your users discover, share and engage with you.

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324k Impressions


234k Completed

Click-through Rate

Engagement is our way to drive results. Results may come in many forms, such as lead generation, sales or social virality. Whatever your objectives, we believe that by helping you make content more interactive and personalized, we'll help you achieve results that matter most to you and your audiences.

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CTR 43%

CTR 56%

Getting Your Data

You can get the data generated from your cards right where you need it

Report Dashboard

This is the simplest way to get your data. The Report Dashboard is accessible straight from every card in your Plyfe account. Once there, you'll be able to understand how your card is performing, your users' preferences and their sharing behaviours.


Whether you are embedding your cards on your site or using our auto-generated hosting pages, you can track the card's performance and user preferences by adding your own pixel-tracking URLs. To do so, just enable the capability from your card setup page and paste your URL into every step that you need to track.

JavaScript API

Embedding a Plyfe Card on your own website also allows you to make use of our JavaScript API. With just a few additional lines of code, you can capture the performance data of your card and your users' preferences, and take real-time action based upon those.


As easy as entering a Custom Endpoint URL, and you can direct all your data to one place with our Web-hooks capabilities. This will allow you to complement existing data clusters and enhance your audience understanding, all integrated into one convenient place.